Nursing Services

The Mission of Canyons District Nursing Services is to support students' academic success by promoting the health status of students and by identifying and assisting in the elimination or modification of health-related barriers to learning.  
Nursing Services Directory
Title Name Phone
Director BJ Weller 801-826-5148
Administrative Assistant Heather Andersen 801-826-5021
Nursing Team Lead Sally Goodger, BSN, RN 801-493-9105
District Nurse DeDee Madsen, BSN, RN 801-301-6395
District Nurse Martee Hawkins, MEd, BSN, RN, NCSN 801-301-6386
District Nurse Nancy Purcell, MSN, APRN 801-301-6396
District Nurse Shandie Knorr, BSN, RN 801-301-6398
District Nurse Suzan Tibbitts, MSN, RN, NCSN 801-493-9106
District Nurse Suzanne Madsen, BSN, RN 801-557-2286
District Nurse Teresa Scheidler-Hildebrand, MSN, RN 801-232-9821
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