Adult Roles and Financial Literacy

This course prepares students to understand human relationships involving individuals and families integrated with general financial literacy. Topics include career and workforce preparation; dating, marriage, and parenting; decision-making, communication, and self-awareness; money management, saving, investing; and individual roles and responsibilities within the family, community, and workforce. This course will strengthen comprehension of concepts and standards outlined in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. Student leadership and competitive events in a CTSO may be an integral part of the course. Students who complete the entire 1.0 course will fulfill the General Financial Literacy graduation requirement. 

Additional Info

  • Credit Type: CTE, F
  • Course: Adult Roles and Financial Literacy
  • Course #: 2210
  • Credit: 1
  • Department: Career and Technical Education
  • HS Grade: 11, 12